Cisco Heat

Hi there! Long time Renoiser here (about 3 years), but I rarely finish anything I start!

So I really wanted to upload this one. It has it’s faults but I hope you can enjoy!



This is totally great, I really love it.

What instruments did you use to get the style?

Hi Mark,

Thanks very much for the comment.

I used a bunch of free VSTs (listed below) and some samples from the large 80s Drum Sample pack that’s been doing the rounds lately. Sorry, I would post links but the C&P function doesn’t seem to be working! These VSTs are easy enough to find on google though!

Kick Drum: BDX from Marvin Pavililn
Bass: Bassimo
Chords& Lead: GTG1.3

Snares: Korg DX-5 from sample pack
Hats/Claps/Bells: Boss 220a from sample pack

Hope this helps!