Classic East Coast Style Hip Hop instrumental

Hello guys been making lots of hip hop in Renoise recently and I thought I’d share one. Renoise works so well for hip hop!


This is ace! I wish I was proficient at making music like this. Your percussion is particularly nice. I need percussion like this haha. Well done.

Thanks Bro appreciate that.
My first instrument was drums so glad they sound tight!
I like the swing setting in renoise, gives them feel.
I find when I first start making a new track I hate my drums for the first 2 days and then after that they just click and I never look back.
You got a track I can hear?

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aha! I wish. i have had personal tragedies. Managed to lose all of my work twice, so almost a decade’s worth of songs that I kept to myself. Now, I’m working on something but its not all there. I actually gegan with drums, then bass, then guitar and then the rest. I suppose I was always Djing at school bage, I never really thought about it until just. Not to be rude, sorry, I’m just not quite ready with any of my pieces yet. Keep up the good work.

That’s a nice groove. I really enjoy vibes in a beat and those drums are tight!

No worries dude us musicians can be perfectionists!
Sucks that you lost all that work :frowning:

Thanks TCA!