"Classic" songs where you now say "What were they thinking

So I have to confess, I used to be a big Happy Hardcore fan in the late 90’s. One of my favorite artists was DJ Stompy. I found some old mp3s and was reminiscing, and then was listening to a few of his songs and they basically gave me a WTF look on my face…

For example, the memory I had of this song is that it was amazing, one of the best happy hardcore songs ever…


OK. Intro starts off fine enough. from :44-1:07 gives you a pretty good idea what this song is gonna be all about. Then… 1:13… OK some pretty generic hardcore stuff. Fine. It’s gonna transition back into the main part of the song pretty soon right? WRONG.

It goes on for 1 minute… and then… 2:09… Seems I’ve heard this riff before, in the A-Ha classic “Take on me”. WTF does this have to do with ANYTHING? So then it goes back to mediocre hardcore for a while.

FINALLY around 3:16 we get to the good stuff. YES!!! This is the part of the song I remember being so good! Now the song builds up and the hardcore part actually has something to do with the main melody/riff. The rest of the song makes sense with the outro

So wtf was up with the first half of the song not having anything to do with anything? In retrospect, now that I have been writing music of my own for almost as long as since this song first came out, I would never have layed my song out in such a random and haphazard way, especially not one with such a great hook!!!


What are some classics in your library where you look back and say: I would have done that better… Or maybe it’s not such a classic anymore?


Lol, it seems that several people wanted to rip off A-ha :slight_smile: That’s some nice 1992 hardcore though, a bit before my time of being into electronic music, but enjoyable nonetheless.