classic style computer music song

here’s a song that is coming to a finish. Any comments or suggestions about mix eq etc
are greatly appreciated.
Thank you<3

Very pleasant. I cannot comment on the mixing much, 'cause I’m listening on crappy laptop speakers so there is no bass. I like the melodies that come in just after the one minute mark.

Thanks for listening! yeah I don’t get any bass out of my laptop speakers either. Thank you for the feedback <3

Wow!! That is definitely classic style. Very cool. You definitely will not hear bass out of laptop, or cellphone, or tablet speakers. Actually, I think my iphones speaker enhances midrange… around 700 htz, to 1600 htz.

anyways, I like where the bass is on this track. Its not too heavy, and definitely audible. For this style of music, I think the bass is placed just right.

The only thing, I might have done, for some of these elements, I might have panned them a bit far apart, and used less stereo spreading techniques. WHen I hear something that is clearly left or clearly right, I think it sounds good, but when I hear something that is audibly left and right, but not center, I get a little disoriented.

You’ve got some nice top end here, but I feel like it is hiding behind some of the midrange sounds, that maybe could have been low passed a bit… Than the top end would come over it, instead of behind it.

that said, “its a really fun, airy/dreamy track.”

Good job


Thank you for listening and your thoughtful critique 2 daze j! I’ve proven to be a slow learner in the eq mix department so I find this very helpful. lol you caught me red handed using stereo expander XD