Classical and fairy ambience (work in progress)

For once a time, no electro stuff into this post! ^^
I thought a lot recently about an atmosphere for peaceful musics. Finaly I tracked this tonight. I think this is interesting, even if based on a classical piece. :musical_score:

This track will be turn into private in a few days, due this is work in progress.

VST used : East-west symphonic orchestra silver


“This track was not found, maybe it was removed”

So I guess that’s the message when it’s private?

uhm, I can’t listen to this… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

ok fixed :slight_smile:

Nice reworking. What are some good classical VST’s compatible with Renoise 2.8? (yes I’m outdated :shushing_face: don’t tell anyone)

I downloaded a few free orchestral VST’s, but they’re so-so in terms of quality

Mmmm difficult question. :thinking: The problem is not only about Renoise but also the operating system…
Maybe some VST with Kontakt player? Not sure about this.

Sounds nice. I miss some brass in there though. When will you finish it? :slight_smile:

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As I’ve no deadline to finish this song… I don’t know. :upside_down_face:

I think you are right for the brass, I’ll add some.

Yes, add all the wagner tuben you can find!