Classical Sounding Breakcore Track.

Downloaded a nice strings VST and made some breakcore…Inspiration from Venetian Snares - rossz csillag alatt született. (Album with breakcore/classical stuff)

Dont know how to embed mp3 files here so just click here to listen:

If breakcore isn’t your cup of tea dont bother then :P

what is the string vst you used in this?

you should REALLY get rid of the noise

its just annoying as hell

The noise up to 43 seconds, and at the end was not nice to listen to imo.
The strings were nice in some places :)

Exactly why I named the song Pretzles and mustard…and im glad the ending worked too. (its not the loudest I’ve done :P)

String vst is DSK strings.

Some people wont like the noise (Most actually) I honestly think it works and fits. What I tend to make is not your every day electronic music.

If I started the song with just the strings coming in, it would be too cheesy or “already done before” the white noise doesn’t even last that long and hopefully after a few more listens you’ll find it fits.

I liked the noise.

Not too crazy about all the string sounds - at least one of them sounds badly looped. When strings are meant to be the melodic focal point (as opposed to fleshing out the sound in a supportive manner) they need to be high quality. These do sound too much like boxed strings. Nice vocal samples tho.

I wasn’t crazy about them either and I completely agree. Its my first time working with these kinds of instruments though. Its not like I created the synths from scratch or anything. Just a VST.

Thanks for the feedback so far guys. Gives me an idea of what I need to improve on next :)