Clean Pattern(s) = chaos


Why does Clean (pattern(s)) cause the pattern numbering to change? Is there any way I can avoid this when using this feature?

Yes, the matrix ‘clear’ action would need to renumber the pattern, as you are clearing slots from the matrix.
But using Shift+F3 in the pattern editor, you can cut the content from the pattern itself - this is what you want.

You could say that the renumbering is strange, but I think the alternative would be even more confusing. Imagine what would happen if you had some occurrences of the same pattern in a song, and dragged some matrix slots from one pattern instance and “onto itself”…Should the matrix slots remain unchanged (as you essentially dragged them on top of themselves), or completely vanish? You could argue that either one is logical, but I would intuitively expect something different to happen: namely, that the slots I dragged were gone from the source pattern but present where I dragged them.

This is essentially why the matrix behaves like it does - it avoids such dilemma-ish situations. And luckily, we can still use edit our songs the old-school way and use the matrix when we need it.

Yes. But if I want to clear out a few tracks of a whole song (lets say, to make a remix) it is a lot faster to just mark out the tracks and clear them. And afterwords I usually go back and restore the pattern numbers.

In my song I had pattern # 12 two times in a row. I cleared three tracks on them simultaneously. One of them changed numbers and one stayed the same. To me, thats just confusing.

Ah, another time you can use Advanced Edit to wipe a track from the song then:

  • First, select ‘Track in Song’ as the scope
  • Then press Cut/Copy/Paste -> Delete

I use the pattern matrix in that case where i can select multiple track clips and simply cut the out.
But are you speaking of tracks suddenly or you still mean “pattern” here? You started off with pattern clearing…

Sorry! I meant track