Click And Drag To Mute/unmute Tracks.

Title and image basically says it all.
Just a little extra that would be nice to have I found out just moments ago. :D

Well, since they’re not draggable this is doable!

still want this. :P

the idea is fascinating but it’s out of any GUI standard, I think?
not that Renoise adheres to GUI standards anyway :)

There was also a request to swap tracks by also making them draggable using the scopes, so what to do now?

Holding Ctrl (Cmd)?

‘Just’ the good ol’ FT2 behaviour would be AWESOME and make Renoise more flexible even for live situations.

a bump. :lol:

Guess what?.. A lock!
:P Nah, just kidding.

would still love this

Nice idea. I can see how this behaviour would be percieved as very smooth.

Very good idea.

Click ‘n’ drag to mute several tracks

Ctrl+click ‘n’ drag to move a track