Click/hiccup At End Of Pattern When Loop Enabled

Since I’m new to using renoise native effects, I’m not sure if this is a bug I’m finding or something to be expected when using dsp chains… (i remember glitches which is why i stayed away for a while)

I have a track I’m working on, started about a week ago on 2.8 beta 7 that i’m now working with in beta 8.

mac book pro, 10.6.8,
I’m using the default built in audio output device.

I’m hearing a click and slight hiccup at the end of the pattern when I set the pattern to loop playback. I’ve identified that the click is coming from track1 which has, in order a compressor, eq and maximizer set on it.

I only hear the click/hiccup in this track when the song is in loop mode, and am curious is this normal, to be expected behavior?I haven’t noticed this before.

I have a vol change on every tick in the pattern for a gate effect, although that shouldn’t have anything to do with it… I’ve used that many times before.

Here’s a video and I apologize beforehand… I should have turned the dialog sample off, it gets annoying. . . but you’ll see when the patten is in loop mode and track one is playing there’s a click/glitch at the end of the pattern at the loop point.
I probably should have captured the effects chain, I’ll upload a grab but the click persists even after I disable the Maximizer (I wish that was called a Limiter btw, that’s always what I go looking for it under), then disable the EQ and the compressor. . .

So it doesn’t seem to be any of the effects causing the glitch.

which leads me here… What is causing this glitch?

It’s a bit tricky to diagnose anything for sure just by watching the video. Would you mind sending us the .xrns?

support (at) renoise (dot) com


email/link to xrns sent.

I really appreciate the time spent investigating.

It’s not a big problem as it renders fine, I just would like to know what’s causing the glitch.