Click individual note to hear?

Hi. I have been writing some chord harmonies and I was finding myself wondering if there is a way to somehow click on an individual note to hear what pitch it has? I can’t recall if this is a feature I may have used in the past, or if I’m just imagining things? I am aware that you can ctrl-click a note to select that instrument (very useful!) In googling for an answer to this question I also just learned that I can hit enter to hear the notes on a given line, which is also really useful, but I haven’t been able to find a way to hear each individual note.

If this is not a feature that exists, I’d really like to propose this as a future enhancement. When writing chord harmonies, I’m sometimes not sure which voice I’ve entered incorrectly. It would be amazingly convenient to be able to click (maybe alt-click?) an individual note to hear it. It would basically function the same as hitting Enter to hear the current line, but only play the clicked note. (Actually, the same behaviour could be triggered by something like ctrl+enter for a keyboard-driven version of the input.)

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What’s missing is a working way to play the current column and advance by the edit step value. Currently i copy/pasted the one from esaruoho’s “paketti” tool but it works kind of umm… :confused:

If that works, then it “should(?)” be easy to write a lua function that collects the on/off state of all channels, solos the current one, plays the current row, then restores channel states.

The keys to do this in ST3, Impulse/Schism Tracker etc. were 8 and 4 respectively.

@delt - Thanks for the info. I’m a programmer by trade, so I’m pretty interested in learning the Lua api, but I’ve literally just started looking at it so I’m still not really sure what is even possible, or which apis I need to look at for making a function like this. I’ll take a look at that tool you mentioned, for some ideas. I had imagined It might work by reading the value currently under the cursor and then just triggering a midi event for it. (But I have no idea if this is a viable approach at all.)
Cheers :slight_smile: