Click Stop Twice To Jump To Start

How about programming it so that if you click the Stop button when the sequencer is already stopped, it will just to the start i.e. if you are playing a track, you can just click stop twice to stop and jump back to the top. Since there is no “|<” button on the transport, it would save me from having to reach for the keyboard to hit “home” when I already have the mouse in my hand.

just an idea.

anyone else digg?



bumping +1 :)

Yesterday I tried to record whole vocal track at Sample Editor.
Then I want this function.
Some sequencers have this function too, so also it’s easy to understand for Renoise newcomers.

this is a splendid idea. will be adding this to Paketti, but with some extra logic.

i.e. if stopped and on pattern 300, and you press stop, cursor jumps to pattern order 300 first row.
if you press stop yet again, it jumps to the first row of the first pattern in the song.

edit: by “press stop” i mean, trigger the shortcut for it that is Paketti-specific.

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