Clicks And Pops In Renoise

ok…been using a registered Renoise for about a week. today I started experiencing some pops and clicks during playback. it was still set to my soundcard. I restarted Renoise which didn’t help, then I did a reinstall which did help for about 15 minutes then the clicks started again. nothing changes if I set the CPU Usage to Working or Low CPU.

when I open Cubase I don’t have any problems during playback even with bigger projects. Winamp plays fine etc…

I am on a P4 1.99ghz with 512 mb of ram.

edit: it seems to stop then start again randomly?



I’m using an m-audio audiophile 2496 if that makes any difference. my buffer settings are at 1024 I believe.

What kind of system do you have (system name and chipset)…?

There have been reports on side-effects with soundcards that run on an intel based chipset mainboard. The Audiophile 24/96 was object in the issue. The solution was to install the Intel Acceleration application for it.

Also is this an ASIO related problem or do you experience this in DirectSound as well?

Have you tried the latest drivers from M-audio?
Do you use the Firewire edition of the audiophile or the PCI card?
The FireWire edition has a lot of issues (not only in Renoise) and is not really a recommended soundcard.

its the PCI version of the card.

dunno my chipset offhand as I am at work at the moment. I clicked on that link though, and noticed the first system/chipset mentioned in a Dell Dimension, which is exactly what I am using.

I had registered this problem once you can read the full context here:

It seems Dell has improved things one and another but probably not enough.

much thanks for the link.

fortunately I am building a new pc soon so this problem won’t be a problem for long (hopefully).

if I may suggest, avoid Hyperthreading CPUs and go for AMD X2 cores

I was planning on going with an Intel Core 2 Duo e6600, which as far as I can tell (according to does not support hyperthreading.

yes, there is no HT on Intel Core Duo: they are two separate CPU (they got it finally!). I have no experiences about this CPU, though. All I can say is that I was a P4 3.2 HT user, and now I’m an happy AMD 64X2 4200+ user