Clicks during external playback when Renoise is open

Something I’ve noticed, is that whenever I have Renoise open and play music in Source Forge, I hear occasional clicks. I’m guessing this is driver related (MOTU), but I’ll have to do so more rigorous testing to find out exactly when (I’m currently noticing it on 16 bit files, but also on 32 bit float WAV files, so I guess it’s irrelevant of the bit depth). I have a feeling this is something that can’t be fixed, and is possibly related to the MOTU drivers (which do have issues I’m meaning to inform them about, but they make it so hard to contact them), but then again Renoise does seem to be the cause of it… This has been an ongoing issue for many years, just only thought of reporting it now.

You mean Sound Forge? How about other audio applications? It’s been a long time since I used Sound Forge (when it belonged to Sonic Foundry) but I remember it only had access to consumer audio interfaces (Direct Sound, MS Wave Mapper). Maybe Sony added ASIO, too. But I’d check these things first. Does it happen when Renoise is playing back through ASIO while Sound Forge tries utilize Direct Sound or the Wave Mapper? What happens if Renoise is using Direct Sound, too? And if Sound Forge is able to access ASIO, do things improve then?

Terribly sorry, yes, typing without thinking. In Sound Forge I use ASIO for the audio driver (I use version 10.0a, not the latest yet). So Renoise and Sound Forge are both using ASIO. I don’t think it happens when playing back music in Winamp because it’s not using ASIO. At least I’ve never noticed the clicks, only in Sound Forge.