Clicks With Quadrasid Vst

I am using QuadraSID 1.8.2 and have created a test file which shows the clicks, and its just one
pattern playing the same note constantly - I first noticed the clicks in an actual song but have
managed to whittle it down to this simple test file. I have reproduced this with 2.1 final and 2.5 beta.

The same MIDI data in Cubase (one MIDI part playing the same note at the same tempo etc) does
not cause clicks. This leaves me to believe the clicks are caused by Renoise. The clicks also appear
regardless of the tempo - and they repeat every x lines. x changes as the tempo changes.


Add new QuadraSID instrument to Renoise and set ch01/02/03 to “CH Play In Poly Mode 1” for SID01
with 6581, and unison as the settings for all of the above channels aswell.

Add the same note repeatedly to your pattern - if you enter them at the same rate as playback the
clicks still appear. Alternatively, you can hold down the key and still hear the clicks, and then playback
and hear the clicks.

I have attached the .xrns file which causes this problem - and have also rendered the file using
Cubic interpolation, and Arguru sinc interpolation. Both output WAV files have the clicks repeating
every 8 seconds approx in this example (16 lines in example Renoise file).

Does anyone know what is causing the clicks ?

EDIT: Windows XP SP3, Renoise 2.1 final, and 2.5 beta, QuadraSID 1.8.2.
Tested with the static buffer option for the QuadraSID instrument as suggested by the VST FAQ thread.
The clicks appear regardless of the static buffer setting.

The LFO4 that is applied to the Balance parameter in the modulation matrix. I removed the LFO4 and the problem disappeared. It seems that you can keep the LFO4, but you will have to adjust the MIN/MAX values a little bit. I found that 40/90 seemed to be better, rather than 32/96. No idea what it is or why it’s happening though, it just seems to be very sensitive the closer you get to the extremes, ie. 0/127

Hi dblue,
Thanks - I have tested changing LFO4 - Balance values and find that they seem to cause the clicks,
as well as changing the sound - which is not an ideal fix.

However, I do not understand why exactly the same setup in Cubase does not cause clicks when
Renoise does.


Yeah, this is a weird problem, but it’s definitely QuadraSID that’s causing the clicking sound. I experimented a bit more and noticed that you can alter various different things that help to remove the click. Somewhere in the patch it just seems to be overloading slightly, causing some kind of clipping. You can reduce the filter resonance a bit and that helps, or you can reduce the maximum volume/velocity from 127 to around 120 which also helps a lot.

I suspect that perhaps Cubase is triggering the notes with a default velocity that isn’t quite as high as the maximum 127, whereas Renoise is triggering them at maximum velocity which results in the sound being slightly too hard and the filter freaking out a bit.

Thanks dblue, your suggestion of decreasing the velocity in Renoise does reduce the click.
It took me a long time to reduce the problem to my example file - and then I was stuck.

My apologies go to the team and forum for posting this in the bug reports section.

Have a good day all