Clipboard Buffer As An Object

I would like to see the possibility to store clipboard data as objects, that could be assigned to individual keys in the instrument’s editor (similar to drumkit, but not with samples).

So for example, if make a selection in the tracker and press Ctrl+C, it will go into this buffer:

And then I assign it to, say, the key C-3 in the Instrument Editor.

Then, in the pattern-editor, I would call the instrument (that make no sound) and place it in a track:


And then one could press a button somewhere (“Generate pattern data from buffers”) and the tracker would automatically substitute “C-3” in this case for the blockbuffer data instead.

this is somewhat similar to the “pattern instrument” idea: a pattern which can be assigned to an instrument and played as if it were really a pattern.

As the pattern instrument idea has been already taken in count, there are chances that something like this could be implemented in the future

This makes more sense to me. Something like the live “trigger” modes in energyXT, Fl studio, and also how clip triggering in ableton works.

A simple mapping of patterns to notes, with trigger options (gate, one-shot, loop) and if you want to get fancy - trigger quantization a’la ableton (or the mode I personally would love: “play this next after current pattern ends”.). :dribble:

This would be an AWSOME implementation!! :dribble: I’m reluctant to switch to another program for live performances… and with instrument patterns a major drawback would be removed and I can’t think of a reason why I shouldn’t use Renoise in live situations. Pretty please, give this high priority… why do you think ableton got so big lately… there’s a demand for live laptop music.