Clipboard Management Tools

What are the best suited (multi)clipboard managers out there that work well together with Renoise (that is, storing the xml clip data).

The ideal candidate for me would be a product that had ‘always on top’ feature and then hosted a lot of buttons to which you could assign the content of some specific clipboard data. Also the button could be labeled with a tag (such as for example “Drumloop #12”). When you press the button the data would load into the current clipboard and could easily be pasted back at Renoise’s pattern cursor again.

Maybe a better question is to ask what sort of tools you guys actually use for storing/calling multiple xml clips. Do you have some kind of preview solution in regard to such clips too (so that you can hear the clip contents before selecting and pasting it into Renoise)?

Let’s brainstorm a bit on this topic. We know that Renoise has 4 clipboards, but that’s not enough for building a complex and large database of clips. So what’s your suggestions and/or ideas in this regard?

Here’s a video in flash-format that demonstrates one practical solution for a static clips arranger:

Of course, as a native Renoise feature, we would prefer to have it dynamic (clips anchors in the xml data that fetches objects in either realtime or by post-rendering). However, I think even the static clip organizer speeds up repetetive tasks quite a bit.

If anyone wants to check out this particular software, download it here (Windows only, sorry):

As you can see on the image above, in the menu there is this “Sheet” submenu. There you can choose among up to 20 sheets (all rename-able), giving you hundreds of slots to store clips into. There’s also a View submenu which works similar to Renoise’s own Global view presets (with 8 different presets to store). I especially like the sheet feature, since that lets me create different subcategories such as “patterns”, “drums”, “arpeggios”, “chords”, etc. In the configuration you see on the picture above, that’s at least 6x6x20 = 720 clips… and more are possible if you use the scroller bars.

because it simply text “qclip” does the job pretty well. Just google it.

I don’t use clips, but when I saw the first thread you posted with that clipboard screenshot I thought wouldn’t it be cool to build a web app that does that?

Users could store, share, and use clips. You could build a taxonomy so when you type “Country Western” the web app scans the database and populates your clipboard with a bunch of related clips.

You could also build clip modifiers like transpose, randomize, or something better that no one has thought of yet.

It’s a lot of work, probably far fetched, but it might a cool project?

I like that idea. One part of it could be like ‘Band-in-a-Box’, but on-the-web. Another part could be cool clips, with .rar files that contains all the necessary FLACs.

I can also report that my workflow speed has increased something like 267% since I started using the Spartan Multiclipboard… great finding by me. :lol:

I made a basic concept of how the database could look like (the database also already exists).
But making the grid requires a lot more work.

But with available tools it is fairly simple to quickly create the framework for the database:

I’ll see how far i can get with this, but this will take a while.

slightly off topic and for that im sorry, but could the concept of larger clip databases extend renoises live capabilties in a fashion similar to the preview browser in ableton?? (of course dealing with midi tho not elastic audio)

to be honest i would never use renoise live (or a laptop for that matter) but i know many cats here do use renoise in a live setting, so this may or may not be an interesting progression for them…

just a thought…