Clipboard Xml With Chr(13) Chr(10)

maybe you can insert the chr(13) into the xml that gets into the clipboard? on windows?..for use with notepad etc…

Void Notepad under any circumstances, use something like PSPad or Jedit as your default text editor.
If you have to use notepad, then at least start with notepad+

But imho:if you just try pspad you are pretty fast sold and feel very dirty you ever liked notepad ;) .
I like Jedit too, but Jedit has a file-size limitation in loading large files.

now you made notepad cry…

And that is why there won’t come returns because it would be breaking a rule of the structure (and you would piss off a lot of 3rd party developers that want to use the clipboard data for their processing)

new feature, somewhere hidden in preferences: a big big big tree view with thousands of checkboxes… i’d like that… :P


No, because the only editor I know on Windows which can not handle UNIX style newlines is Notepad. NotePad is really not worth starting it. I had so many frustrating moments with it, that I maye do something good if I force people to use any other editor ;)

Also Renoise accepts any newline styles when pasting the clipboard back into Renoise…

FireFox 2.0 is out, anyone noticed already?