Clipper Doofers

Here are some clipper doofers I’ve made to make clipping in Renoise a bit easier. The main one is Kaid’s clipper. It uses the the distortion device on razor but makes things easier to manage

Kaid’s Clipper.xrdp (18.0 KB)
Attempt at soft clipper: Dirty Squasher.xrdp (16.2 KB)
Stripped back version of Kaid’s clipper: Simple Clipper.xrdp (6.3 KB)

You can see a little demo on the gumroad. also pretty pwease donate ty ty ty

feel free to expand on these ok thanks


Go to the Master track and turn on Soft Clipping.

This will keep pretty much everything in check.

Oh forgot about that. Ig I’m not completely right about that but I made the doofer to clip in the mix instead of just the master