Clipping Indicator Doesnt Stay Red, When Clipping.

Clipping Indicator doesn’t stay red, when clipping.
Why has this been changed?

Noticed this too, but personally i’m glad it doesn’t:it gives you an idea where exactly your track clips.
On the DSP rack in the master-channel, you can see the peak-levels of your output, these remain there and give you a good indication your song clipped somewhere.
You are being forced to check out where it clips but is this a bad thing?

It does however gives me a scripting idea to create some logging tool that gets notified upon peak crossings over 0db in which pattern and on which line this occurs…
It depends on whether the master track device reveals itself at all and what properties it passes…
But if this is possible you can pinoint multiple locations where clipping occurs.

The whole meter is now also flashing red. And this only is visible, a warning, when its going back to normal again at some point.
Also there are still the “peak values” in the master tracks Track DSP device. Those don’t get reset unless you click on them.

This actually is better indeed. :)

related: would be interesting if right-clicking a “peak value” in the Track DSP view, if the song is not playing and edit mode is active, the song position could be set to the place where the last clipping on that track occurred.

+1. quite a nice idea.