Clipping/peaking, (digital)


One thing Ive been thinking about since I started making music but never had got quit right is the issue about digital-clipping , when the signal is so hot that it peaks and makes the vu meters red.

Ive always read and heard that in the analog world peaking is not a bad thing but inside a computer its something you want to avoid, it this right?, alot of the very great songs from the Beat Battles peak in the mixer and in the global main volume meter, is this on purpose ? or bad mixing skills ?

one should say that when the signal peaks in the computer the speakers can handle all the information and the sound gets muddy and undefined, is this not right?

I like the auto adjust function, this helps med control the overall Db, so I only have to focus on the mixer.

The one big problem I often find when trying to avoid peaking is to get enough power on some parts of my track, If a base or beat is too hot(but still not loud enough) I sometimes have to lower all the other tracks in that mix :huh:

Ok, just to get it 100% right this time digital clipping is bad, on the the master, and inside the renoise mixer… no red i allowed anywhere ?


digital clipping:

= bad (unless you want it of course)


Sometimes on purpose, but always bad mixing skills. <_<