Clipping sound when playing sample backwards

When I use the B command I get a small clipping sound. How can I get a more smooth sound when using this command? I’ve attached the file/sample I’m having issues with.

It’s normal to get a click if the sample isn’t at a “0 crossing” point when you execute the reverse command. What usually works for me in that scenario is using the delay column to fine-tune the timing. You can usually get a smoother reverse if you offset it a little bit, for example:


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Wow, I didn’t even know you could put the backwards command in that column. I thought the same thing about “0 crossing point” and it seemed like it was at one of those points in my track. I guess I’ll play around with delay a bit. Thanks!


Worked like a charm!

just found out this. Awesome! no more clicks&pops!
(and yeah -sorry for necro :P)