well, there’s a renoise logo now in the place where the clock was… i must say it was useful for me from time to time, because i generally lose the feeling of how much time went by when i track, and there’s just not too many clocks around me in my room, one actually, on the cell phone. i’d like the clock back.

I second that. The clock was very useful.

Other than that, 1.5 seems verrry nice :w00t:

Hmm, I work in windowed mode.

i hate clocks … or the time in general B)

well, make it an option.

Yep, if you click on the logo, the clock appears. And depending on how you exit the program, that’s how it starts up again. If that’s possible. :)

Or you could glance on the clock located 2 cm below it :D


What if one happens to run renoise in fullscreen mode :)
There’s some room at the top of the screen next to the playtimers too.

I agree that a clock would be a neat feature, i personally loose track of time when using renoise and that’s a really bad thing considering i have to get up early in the morning and almost all tracking happens in the evening.

what about an alarm clock or something to put aside of your monitor? :)

I enabled ‘Announce Time’ in OS X and selected ‘Vicki’ to keep me awake every 15 minutes or so ;)

Still a clock would be a nice addition with an option to turn it on/off.

I was also wondering why the clock is isn’t available anymore. I hope it gets back someday.

yes, the clock is a handy tool