yo guys, so im buying a macbook pro (finally), and i am a bit torn between getting the 2.4 ghz i5 or the 2.53 ghz i5 (both 15 inch)… thing is the 2.53 one costs a fair bit more. I was wondering how worth it it would be to get the one with the faster clock speed? Im thinking that i would probably not even notice the performance difference b2wn the two…i would however notice the price…

eh, any takers?

Sounds like you’ve already made up your mind, mate. Let’s face it: an extra 0.13 GHz isn’t going to make a huge amount of difference. You might be able to run a couple of extra simple plugins at most. Just be sensible and save some money :)

Cache size is way more obvious way to see difference between such CPUs. Also I’d check their specification on TDP and tech process, too much of heating and too big CPU crystal are not good things for portable devices.

cool, thanks… i was also thinking i could get it overclocked if worst comes to the worst… if both comps have the same specs (same processor, etc) minus the clockspeed, then surely the only difference is what clockspeed the manufacturer set the computer to?

The difference is in the clock multiplier 18 and 19. Both CPUs have clock boosting technology for the worst case. 2.4ghz is optimal.

cool, thanks :D

In the past there was (somewhere in the 90’s) a mac series where you could simply upgrade the low performance mac models to a high performance mac model by replacing its clock generator which costed only 20 bucks. While the price difference between the actual low performance model and the high performance model was a 1000 bucks or more in the store.
It sometimes pays of to be able to apply a hack instead of shelling out the dope.