you know, in the pattern sequencer, it seems really pointless to me, ‘duplicate’ is the most handy thing on the menu but all ‘clone’ does it same as duplicate but get the pattern number/page wrong. useless.

… you are kidding… right? :blink:

maybe you should take a closer look at what the function is actually doing.

just in case you don’t see it… clone copies all the data from the selected pattern(s) then pastes it into new a pattern(s), which you can then do further editing on… this saves you a lot of work instead of manually copying the pattern(s) with ctrl+f4, adjusting the new pattern length, pasting with ctrl+f5, etc, etc.

this function is a huge time saver.


Is this a protest note?

I use Clone all the time. Great with a few herbs and a little butter.

On the other hand I can certainly see the creative case for getting rid of the pattern duplication facility (e.g. having four patterns in a row of the same thing: 07, 07, 07, 07). But that would be nastly leet business, and not at all condusive for apprentice chefs discovering how well Clone goes with a few herbs and a little butter.


I also use clone a lot. Don’t change it.

happy_milkshake_man just failed his Renoise exam.

i’m still a renoise newbie

Ok, I’ll explain why it is very convenient: imagine you’ve created this incredible loop. In the next pattern you want to have the same loop, but with a break at the end because after that you want to have some silly hands-in-the-air part or something.

Without a clone button, you have to insert ([+] button or duplicate) a pattern, go back to the previous (LCTRL-UP), copy it (with LCTRL-F4), go back to the new one (LCTRL-DOWN), select a new clean pattern number (LCTRL-RIGHT) and paste (LCTRL-F5)… That’s even slower without using keyboard shortcuts. With the clone button you only need to press the button, so it’s 6 actions vs 1. Since most (dance) music is loop based, you will be using this feature a lot of times. I know I have.

ahright yeah i see now! thanks man at arms & the others.

edit: shityeah! very usefull!

no no no no! why would it (after you’ve cloned) use a so far out pattern number like 138 139 140 141. it should be somthing like 20 21 22 23 after my 16 17 18 19 right?

you sure about that? that’s the creepy thing though, from 20 to 137 there’s no notes, no nothing, somthings wrong with my renoise, or just some big bug!

is there an initalise button somewhere on renoise?

aha thanks mate!

All in all, the tutorials give nice examples of usage, also about labeling your patterns, simplifying the sorting of patterns:


heh, i pretty much only use the clone function/button. its so very usefull!

i wonder what is in those other patterns of yours?
you can change the pattern numbers by r-clicking the pattern number an typing a different number into the field, you could see what is in there!

don’t know about anyone else but i hate that shortcut ‘lctrl-up’ ‘lctrl-down’ i’ve changed it to ‘pageup’ and ‘pagedown’… anyone else done that? or have you just got used to the default shortcut?

Never even knew this function existed!

I’ll be using that fersure.

Got used to it. :)

I use the page up/down for longer jumps up and down in a pattern. I’m thinking, the original setup was made for a reason, unless I find an amazing workflow-fixing change I stick with what’s given, almost no matter what software I use. Unless it’s a different tracker. Then I either need to practice or remap stuff, which will take just about as much time, hehe…

You know what’s funny, I actually suggested this clone-feature based on what already existed in my previous fav tracker: Psycle. Although, the result was way better than I imagined; Didn’t think of a keyboard command enabling me to clone SEVERAL patterns at the same time (F8 for cloning 8 patterns, F4 for 4 etc). Brilliang little things making tracking just that much better.

I love the clone. Go the Clone. Attack of the clones. Three cheers for clone, hiphip hoorraayyy…

However, I’ve been looking for a way to clone a pattern and put that pattern at the bottom of the pattern order, rather than below the original pattern.

Does that function already exist, or should I suggest it in another forum?

Hmm, good idea… Maybe press CTRL+SHIFT+ALT+PgDn+F1 for that? :P

Or make a hotkey for moving patterns to the bottom of the sequence would be better yet. Why not extend the clone-combination with up+down, pg dn, pg up, home and end? I know that’s already in use for selecting patterns in a sequence, but change it to ALT+SHIFT+END for moving things to the bottom of the sequence for example?