Cloning Multiple Patterns

Apologies if this is a really simple thing to do but I was wondering how to clone multiple patterns.

Say I have 4 bars with changing melodies, is there any way to clone all 4 without having to clone one, then switch to the next and clone that and so on and so on.

I’d like the same melody to repeat multiple times but add other instruments in the repeated bars…

I usually do it like this:

Select the patterns in pattern sequencer, ctrl-drag them to new position, select the new patterns, right click -> make pattern block unique.

I am not sure if this is the most straightforward way but this is what I use and find comfortable.

Hmm this has just made me find a Bug, although it may be due to me changing the Ctrl+K shortcut at some point…

EDIT: Sorry not a Bug, forgot to put focus in Pattern Sequencer before hitting Ctrl+K.

So yeah, what I do is focus the Sequencer with Alt+Click (or middle mouse button if you have one.) Select the patterns. Hit Ctrl+K to Clone them.

Although I may of changed Ctrl+K to be selection from single pattern in the Preferences. Can’t remember if that is default behaviour…


Thanks guys.

One other question (sorry!), is there any way to copy just one Track over multiple Patterns?

Matrix is probably the easiest way of doing that kind of thing.

Best way is to drag the blocks around in the matrix. Holding down Ctrl will repeat that block. Shift will drop in a new pattern between 2 others. Just have a go and it becomes really quick and easy.

Ctrl+C Ctrl+V over mouse drags anyday!

Although I do sometimes get very weird behaviour that Renoise starts highlighting sections of the Matrix, rather than just navigating with the arrows, which I have reported before but never worked out why. Think in the past restarting the application solved it. (Did experience this again yesterday with the new 2.6 final though.) EDIT: Behaviour is as if the Shift key was stuck down.

Fantastic - thanks all!

Select the patterns in pattern sequencer, CTRL + SHIFT - drag them to new position will create clones instead of copying.

Also works in the Pattern Editor & Mixer to create track clones.