Cloning Tutorial

hi. i’ve started cloning patterns but the process seems temperamental to me. when you clone a 1 or 2 or 8 block, is that in the pattern sequencer or in the pattern?

when i do it, no matter what number block i choose it always clones one pattern.

any help would be gratefully received :drummer:

The clone pattern button does exactly that… Clones a pattern. I don’t remember if there is clone block button, but you can for atleast duplicate the block with control drag and make it unique.

sorry, i’ve realised i havent made my question as clear as i intended.

what i’m really saying is when i am in the pattern sequencer and i use the keyboard shortcut (cmd 1 or 2 or 4 etc) i can clone one pattern or a block or 4, however when in the pattern editor i have to use the shortcut (cmd,shift,alt, f1 or f2 etc) however it only ever clones one pattern and not a block of 4 or 8.

is there something i’m doing wrong?

hang on, i think i’ve just answered my own question.

the reason why it was cloning only one pattern was because i was try to clone from the pattern at the bottom, where as i need to be at the top of the block i want to clone. so if i have pattterns 1 to 4 and i want to clone them, i have to scroll to pattern 1 and not be at pattern 4 which is what i have been doing.

it rings true that experimentation really is the very mother is discovery…

Cloning applies to the pattern sequence. And Suva is right - easiest way to clone a number of patterns is to hold CTRL while dragging the selection to a new location in the pattern sequence.

for a minute there i thought you were both lying, then i remembered i’m on a mac so its alt drag… :)

great, that works great for me. the reason why i asked initially was i’m trying to get fly with the keyboard commands as i hate using the mousepad on my macbook.

cheers for the help guys.

make sure you’ve highlighted the right patterns in the pattern sequencer. then right click on one of them and select ‘clone selection’