closest thing to logic

Studio One ?

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Sure this is a renoise forum but whatevs. I am looking for the closest PC alternative to Apple Logic. I’ve been using renoise for a few years now and recently started toying around with Reaper. Reaper is a pretty damned powerful program for as bareboned as it is.

In school I learned a ton about production in logic, but I’ve never been fully happy with any mac hardware I’ve ever bought. Sorry mac users, I’m not trying to start a flame war.

Point being. What’s the PC equivalent to Logic. Pro-tools? Cubase? Shumshing else?

I would say Reason has pretty powerful mixing/mastering stuff now…
But I don’t know that much about Logic, I looked at a screenshot and saw you can get real deep with the automation, I know only FL Studio that’s crazy versatile with the automation curves.
as of yet there are no alternatives

Logic & Reason. How about Common Sense?


Reaper is the closest.

Cubase or Reaper would probably be the most similar.

Reaper is very, very deep. + its rock solid.

Cubase will be most similar in terms of, “its got everything you need bundled together inside of it.”

There are a few features that only Cubase, Sonar, Logic, Digital Performer will have.

Mulab is a great daw. Just like Reaper, Mulab is rock solid, with an audio engine that does not dropout. The only diff tween Mulab and Reaper, is that Mulab also looks slick, sexy, and has way easier workflow.

So anyways… When you buy Cubase, Sonar, or Digital Perf, you are paying several hundred dollars for a few features, most of which you will probably never use. Some you will.

If you just need a daw to go along with Renoise, you might be better served by looking at Reaper, Mulab, Podium… All three are very unique, and very cool.

Looks like I’ll probably stick with the Renoise/Reaper combo. Maybe give Mulab a try as well.

To each their own I suppose, because I find MuLab to be pretty ugly.

Deceitful appearances aside, if you can learn to get with the beat box metaphor that the toy-cum-neogodDAW orbits around, for some Logic electronic producers FLorida Studio is the only replacement. Happy Crunking!