Closing/Exiting Renoise From Lua


Is it possible to terminate the running renoise instance from LUA, if do how, if not, could we please add this?

os.exit() has been left out on purpose and wasn’t planned to be enabled in any future updates.
For what purpose do you desire to close the program?

Because I’m solving the render-song-and-exit request I’ve been asking about myself through lua. I have it working, but a bit ugly here and there, for instance I send killall to renoise from the outside to close renoise, would be nicer to have as much of this going on in lua as possible.

On purpose, you say. “With great powers comes great responsibility”…

I never understood why someone wants to open Renoise to render and then exit. It has been explained on various angles but it just won’t get to me. And i’m not the only one who doesn’t see any fertile base for this.
I have a little understanding for batch rendering (checking overall mastering) but even with that i don’t grasp the whole idea.

I think it comes down to different workflows. I’m working on a new album atm, which started out as 19 sketches. Sometimes I work for hours on one track, but alot of times I just work a littel bit on this and a littel bit on that. The xrns files are even shared across different computers through dropbox. Every few days I’m rendering everything to mp3 for my phone or a CD for the car, and listening through it all. When doing that I don’t wanna have to open + render each song, which would take most of an hour. Instead I wanna run a script that automates the whole process, while I go for a looong coffee. So in this case in stead of having renoise do everything (know which songs I want to render, check if the xrns have been changed since last render, render to wav, convert to mp3, tag the mp3 files, copy mp3’s to the phone), it’s much cleaner to so that from a script and just let renoise take care of renoise-stuff, which in this case means rendering.

And I’m really totally fine with you still saying you don’t understand why I would wanna do that, just as I hope you’re fine with me doing things the way I see fit :slight_smile:

I can understand the the devs thinks a render-from-command-line is appealing to too few feople, which is exactly why I’m doing it myself in lua. But I think it could be fruitfull to hear the reasons why os.exit() (or similar) have been left out. I would offcourse hope that it’s implemented.

Because its evil when a script closes the application without giving you the chance to save your work. If we would allow closing the app, then it should ask the user o save any pending changes before. This is not what you want though in your “script”.

Your main problem is the batch rendering, which you have solved now, don’t you? The close on exit is just cosmetics if I understand correctly?

I can live with “ask for save, if songs contains edits”, since that would just exit for me (I didn’t change anything)…

More like: I have no idea how to shutdown renoise from python on the-other-platforms, which means my solution probably won’t be usable there :frowning: