Cme Uf6 Midi Key Board Problem

i have new midi key board its better as my prev but i have too mane troubles with it.
Now problem is that some times when i press some note on it change some parameters on vst (z3ta and pr0 53).
any body can help me? its bug of midi key board or mine?)
thanks :drummer:

how i can check it??? why when i press note at keyboard it send midi command to cutoff for example?

Maybe that problem is CME keyboard’s driver’s relative ?
Have you tried earlier driver versions ?
Try to check out their forum board (, to find similar trouble workarounds and solutions from other CME users ?

In other hand - try to use some kind of MIDI SPY software, that tracks all outcoming MIDI data from your kbd… Donno exactly how this software called, but i definitely heard about kind of it.

BTW: are you USB or MIDI cable plugged ? As i know - it depends on MIDI stability and crearness very thigt.