Code:11 Ep Release

so not everyone really wants to listen to a 17 minute file… which is fine. We have released the best song of our EP as a single. If you didn’t make it to the end… try THIS one (was teh last track)

Code:11 is a collaboration between two people who have never met, but on the internet. We made this music by trading files over an FTP server in my basement.

This is more or less a 5 song EP, but we really wanted the thing to be taken as a whole, so it’s being uploaded for now as a single track. In the near future we plan to do some ‘singles’ mixes without all the crossfading and perhaps a couple of edited endings.

Hope you Enjoy.


Do you have a download available? I wouldnt mind putting this in my “Collection Of Fellow Renoisers” folder!! Aweosme job my friend.

should be downloadable from soundcloud.


Glad you liked it :)