Code 5

Glitch-Hop(esque) track made using a Korg Volca Sample & Renoise. Was listening to Push Button Objects at the time I made it so I guess he was the inspiration behind the style of the track.

Ambient glitch swarm noise music: Draft #1.

An old track re-mastered and put to some old space footage

Just gonna keep throwing all my tracks into here from now on. Keep things somewhat organised. Anyway here’s an ambient track made from sine wave blending and granulation.

Had a quick muck about with Sunvox. Nice little piece of software, got some very BoC sounding synths in it.

Using Renoise like a modular setup with the DC Offset + Ring Mod trick. Used Audio Damage EOS for the reverb on the saw pad. Everything else was Renoise’s internal effects. Made the track to test out an oscilloscope but never got round to making a video of it.