Codename: [yellow_autumn_fly]

I’m new in this forum section :)

1st time add song in Acid Jazz section.
It’s one of my custom-built-job’s.

Just want know your considerations about sound mix and overall etc…

Best Regards / ceejay

what do you mean by custom-built-job??

Anyway, i think this is awesome, great depth, no sound seems to “overlap” the other sound.

I could picture this on the intro of a playstation action/adventure game, while the first film-sequence rolls over the screen.

The movie probably wouldnt make the song justice though, i like it alot!

A bit short though :rolleyes:

thanx for reply btw. :)
I mean i made this track by costom request from my customers. & they’ll use it in some kind of corporative flash-presentation.
I have two big mix and master sessions (in 2 days) to make it sound good at any equipment.

p.s. to [hear] i using Alesis Mk2 nearfield bi-amp active studio monitors. (and i like 'em alot cause i get accustomed with + great VFM imho)