Coffee Addiction

This is serious.

I have noticed that when I’m off from coffee I’m tired all the time and after a day or so I get depressed and nervous and angry and suicidal. Then, like in this morning, I decide to have a warm cup of that delicious black elixir to speed up my synapses, and what do you know, it works! Now I feel good and positive about my life, but I know this will have a horrible side effect in the form of sudden coffeine down, and I will suffer from headaches and be really stretched, getting frightened of my own shadow.

Man this sucks. I’m a coffee junkie. Gwaaaah! Coffee! drooling foam

:) I know what you mean. It happens (quite rarely though) that I forget to take my coffe dose in the weekends. I get all lifeless and filled with agony. Plus the headache then. When I get my coffe in the morning the world turns from a pointless, black and white place to world of wonderful colors and unexplainable joy.

Seriously! This is exactly how I feel when I drink the first zip of coffe. Beeing this easilty aroused, I’m just glad I’m not hooked on coke or something :D

Exactly my thoughts.

Back in high school I remember the mornings I crawled up from my bed as my alarm ringed and had my coffee for breakfast, then left for the train. Man what a blast! I started to get those warm waves and everything sort of lit up and were full of detail, little like in those moments you get when you feel really connected and merged with all that exists. It made me smile like a idiot for some time, must have looked pretty dumb seeing a boy walking to the station 8am with a smile to his ears. It’s a wonderful drug when you really get addicted to it. :P

And nowdays it helps with my tinntus too. Or could it be the lack of the chemical that causes it? Who knows.

Typical breakfast a lá “dopefish-style”… Coffee (2 litres) and at least 2 cigarettes. That makes the day! Vitamines?!? Who needs them with a coffee that is strong enough to wake up the dead

BLAH: (sigh)

X: what troubles you, dear?

BLAH: nothing my sweet airhorse. i am merely beset by the agonizing woes of a cold, uncaring world.

X: i have brought you the tarry concoction you call joe. it took some effort seperating it from the caraffe, there may still be bits of broken glass in it.

BLAH: (sips, starts bleeding from the mouth, grins maniacally) hark! the shroud of my sorrow is lifted! my bowels move of their own free will! complex math problems that stimied me in my youth have opened up in my mind, unraveling the mysteries of existence, time and space! (kisses horse)

X: it’s decaf.

BLAH: GHASP! (crumbles into a pile of ashes)

Decaf is not the answer to get rid of coffee-addiction.

Tea however is.
Though not everyone learns to hold up a small cup between thumb and finger while pointing your pinky to your opponent drinker.

Hmmz maybe im just weird :P
but i dont like coffee :P


though got this coca cola addiction…

when i dont drink cola for a day i feel kinda depressed sometimes and need to get out and buy it haha

If you want to get stomach problems, getting a Coca Cola addiction is the way to go.

And coffee addiction is not?

Coca Cola has a few more health hazarous trickery than coffee.
But cafeine in both works just as equally well in any other product.

Hmm never got any probs till now…

[knocking on wood]

once upon time i tried tobacco but it was too much for my head.

So, what you’ve been saying is really: Caffeine is evil. In a good way. Or good in an evil way, nonetheless!

I’m addicted to candy. And tuna. And internet. And sex. Gimmesum… :blink:

Big ups to your dialogue, florian… :guitar:

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another of your addicitons :rolleyes:

Guilty! :P

I’m not only italian… I have both parents from Naples.
You know what this means?
Like being from Ketama Valley for a smoker… :)
I drink coffee almost continously during the day… and I don’t mean that waterlike american-northeuropean coffee… nor that liquid shit poured into small plastic glasses that you obtain from office-like coffeemachines.
Coffee. From the “moka”

that looks like

(that’s also the average amount of coffee you can expect to drink in any Italian bar when you ask for one… but, personally, when I’m at home I use a big tea cup filled with coffee and a little bit of mik…)

My small brother is used to say:
Have you ever heard of people fighting each other because of the brand of coffee? The taste for coffee is uniting people all over the world… religion does the opposite. We should be Atheist Coffee Missionaries.

ees-presso, stupid word but damn good with lot of sugar & lè cigarettos :DDDDDDD

You are all crazy

i was crazy once…

they put me in a box…

i died there…

then the worms came…

worms? I HATE WORMS!

they make me crazy…

i was crazy once…

your mother was crazy when she made you