Cold Cutter...

i cant get Cold Cutter to work in Renoise, it wont show its interface although it should coz its vst2.0…

anyone game?



never trust a beta version :P … coldcutter is a beta … maybe that’s the reason … ;)

yeh i know , but it states its full vst2.0 so it should work…but i dont see the editor either…sliders yes but no official giu and sound…

hmm bummer…i was really thinking this could be a nice plug…sortof like
supatrigga… :)


but vst 2.0 don’t says that it is bug free with all vst2.0 applications.

“The current version of the Coldcutter was primarily designed for use with Ableton Live 1.5 but works with Cubase. It has undergone preliminary testing on Cubase VST 5.0 R4 and Cubase SX 1.01 on Windows 2000. Any information about compatibility problems with other hosts or versions of Windows gratefully received.”

it’s not enough tested i think …maybe write an email to the author … Renoise 1.281 is a nearly compatible to all vst’s and vsti’s - i think.

but it also mentions vst hosts, not only ableton… ahwell… :)

i mailed the maker :)


hey, arent we all ‘random runners’ ? :)