Collab Numero Uno

I was so excited to find that the comps section became comps AND collabs. I decided to up the first collab. Being that there haven’t been any collabs yet. The rules and format are open. So where to start?

What’s your style? Or rather what type of song are we making? I am into the funky break driven stuff with a bit of that lo-tech 8-bit sound. You can check out my work on my soundcloud. I’m not stuck on any particular style because I could stand to learn something different from all styles.

We could do something as simple as getting 4 or 5 people together and say: one on drums, one on synths, one on bass, one on vocal (samples or solo), etc.

If somebody wants to give me a baisic layout of a song. I could track the drums to it.

I’m also pretty big on foley and feild recording.

What are your thoughts? Where should this collab go?

Numero uno means number 1 by the way.

You can simply post some drum-beat snippets, usually submitting some ideas would often inspire others to work something around with it.

Good idea. I will do that then.