Collab Project


is there anyone who wants to collab on some sort of experimental acid techno/electronic project (preferred, but not limited to)?

There would be no real focus except doing whatever we think about sound good, i still dont know how all that could work as i never did a collaboration before…

Actually i have over 1200 xrns getting old in a folder and i am sick that almost 90% of them are 2-3 patterns long that i can’t finish due to some attention deficit disorder… focusing on a collab project where the work&ideas would be divided would greatly help to finish something i guess. :)

If anyone is interested, let me know…

PS: Here is some randomly selected XRNS ‘loops’ put together and recorded live just to give an hint about the ‘style’ i am into.

I’ve been waiting since you posted this to reply. I just registered renoise and I want to collab with you. I’m pretty much new to this as well. You said acid techno? I love acid techno! It would be great to make a track with you. Let me know what you want to do and when. I tried to check out your link, but I couldn’t access the page: wouldn’t load. I’ll message you after I wake up. It is after midnight where I live, time for bed.

this sounds interesting to me :)

I’m interested in having a few xrns files to ‘remix’ to see what you thought and take it from there


Well, no matter when as for me, but we need some sort of ‘direction’ i guess, i do not know how people around here manage to collab but it would be interesting to know it. :)

Nice idea, will be somewhat hard to choose (or should i select them randomly? :P ) but i will try to pack some and send them to you in few days, are 2-3 patterns xrns ok though? Do you have some sort of site where i could listen to your tunes?

Could you provide some of your xrns as well so i can try to ‘remix’ them too?