Collaboration and release on Torrentech netlabel. 100 EUR award includ

PAY ATTENTION: 100 EUR award is not offered anymore… Seems like I’m going to do it myself.

Hello Renoise freaks :slight_smile:

After many years of music producion apstience I decided to ask the community to listen and possibly get inspired by some of my tracks which are mostly written around 20 years ago in FastTracker 2 and Buzz. Generally I’m satisfied with ideas and structure of tracks but I’m totally lacking audio production. Most of the samples are of pretty low quality and there are no “modern” effects applied, but that could be changed and I believe some pretty good tracks could emerge.

Here’s a bit of history: I’m the founder and administrator of electronic music torrent tracker called Torrenech which incorporates a non-profitable netlabel which releases free music. There are 48 releases so far, you can check them at, but right now that label is practically dead and I’m considering closing it after 50th release which would be the best of TT041 to TT049, as I previously made best of mixes on TT010, 20, 30 and 40. Closing the label would be kind of natural thing to do and I would be pretty happy for release nr. 49 to be the compilation of re-edits and remixes of my tracks.

I expect those re-edited tracks to retain the original vibe, melodies and structure. That means it should be more of re-editing and production effort than remix which sounds distant compared to original. Production quality has to be a whole new different world. Of course you would get properly credited for your effort even in financial sense: for every track I choose to be included on the full-length album, I will award the producer with 100 EUR in Bitcoin.

Downloads of zipped sources are here (you also have two albums rendered to mp3):

My DJ mixes:

You can contact me here or via

Thanks for reading this and finally I want to say I feel so excited by eventual revival of some music of mine with the help of Renoise community.

Hope this doesn’t discouage others from trying it out… And you can try it again also, ofc :slight_smile: