Collaboration: Singer

I am working on a minor innovation.
I’m combining trap beats with a triphop approach.

Triptrap. Traphop. Something like that.

I can lay down beats, I can lay down bass, I can add harmonies. I can even write lyrics.

But my voice, my range, my delivery are all bad, or at least completely wrong for this project.

If you’re the person I’m looking for, you have a smooth, clear voice with a decent (at least two octave) range, and you have good enough recording equipment to get it into a computer in time with the Renoise file I can send you.

You can either do the mix/master stage yourself, or send it all back to me and I’ll finish it.

Male and female voices could work, but for the triphop sound they should be pure in tone.

Bass to soprano, I’m not picky on deep or high. If I had to pick a perfect match, I’d look for a rich female, perhaps alto, something like Karen Carpenter, or maybe Maddy Prior. Accent unimportant.

Let me know if you’re interested.