Collaboration Topic On Forums

i suppose there are other ways to go about doing this… i can find other renoise users if i really try but i thought it might be beneficial to the entire community if there might be an additional subtopic in the forums for people to collaborate on xrns files together. With a salvo of also cross-platform “cloud” sharing utilities like dropbox out there these days collaboration with projects is incredibly easy… .something that is seemingly taken for granted much more than it should be these days.

that is a dam good idea.i like it

I think it’s a nice idea, but I doubt it’s really necessary to create another whole forum for it. I believe this could work very nicely as part of the current song forum, and it could actually help to bring more exposure to the existing threads there, which can only be a good thing if you ask me.

People who wish to collaborate with others can just start a new thread in that forum, and then use some kind of simple tag in their thread title that is easy to recognise, like [collaboration] or [project] or something like that. It probably wouldn’t take long for other users catch on, especially if you wrote up a nice introduction post to explain your idea in a bit more detail, to give some useful advice for which tools/services people can use (like dropbox, as you already mentioned) to easily get started with sharing their work and files. Then one of the nice forum moderators could make that intro thread ‘sticky’ in the song forum so that it was always easy to find.

Good idea!

I’ve been thinking about doing a one-pattern-follow-up-collaboration. One person creates one pattern, another one makes another one (leaving the original instruments intact, but are free to add new ones if necessary). In the end there would be several people that have made several pattern each and thus created a song/tune. Only problem would be repeated patterns such are verses and chorus…