Collaboration via Bittorrent sync

Hi renoiser friends,

Would anyone be up for some collaboration using bittorrent sync ?

The idea would be to build songs bit by bit by focusing on a “concept” for each song.

the concept would be a folder with ideas descriptions and links to other songs that gives a general guideline to what the end track will be like. then the production process is broken down in small pieces that anyone can contribute until the track is done.

here is my btsecret :




Great idea, I’m up for that, I hope more people will come.

I’ll collaborate and/or will be looking.

If I get that right, it must be made with no external VSTs?

hey nice to see i’m not the only one who wants to test this kind of stuff :slight_smile:

actually it could be with vst’s but the point is to keep it the most accessible to anyone, so maybe just one vst per project or something like that

yeah hope some more people are gonna join too :stuck_out_tongue: maybe i’ll go ask in the irc

don’t hesitate to start your own folder/concept too’ ill start a fresh one when i’ll have more time towards the end of the week tho