Why so few posts of this nature? And why not a topic in the forum?

anyone wanna make a song or two?

with the power of email and the joy of the internet we can do anything!

proposes a ‘collaboration’ page where forum members - or anyone else - can hook up and work on tunes together?


what do you think?

Sounds great to me!

Collabs is a great way to get your creativity a boost.


Defo interested in this

+1. Make sure to mention if you use any specific vst’s though.

There is a tool which can scan renoise xrns files and tell you what vsts are used. I think Beatslaughter wrote it. I could be massively wrong though, so sorry if its not him and someone else wrote it.

XRNS ListVST 1.1

I’ll throw a suggestion into the wind since we’re already on the subject:

Anyone wanna collab with me?
Hopefully someone with the same musical style as me, influenced by NIN, Chemical Brothers, Prodigy, Daft Punk and similar.

Chords and “hooks” are fun, so are grooves and funky beats.

Let me know!

I thought the SDCompo was for these purposes…
A collab with or without a challenge, you decide, at least you get a free samplepack.

I’m with you on those. Toss Justice in the mix for hooks too. Let’s strike up a collaboration!

Another longtrack project perhaps?

Sure, why not? :yeah:

i was dissapointed in that track! you can tell where it switches artist so easily, and in most cases it happens so suddenly. It sounds like lots of different tracks stuck together.

So then consider making up a theme, though it would not improve versatility of the song.
though sudden changes don’t get much of my approval either unless there was actual silence in between two parts.

I’m gonna defend it :drummer:

I remember being surprised how well they managed pulling it off, I imagine that wasn’t easy getting this many people on the same track :rolleyes:

It was a first time for the project and maybe even the first time some of the participants have made a collaboration. Well, what i’m trying to say is “I wasn’t disappointed”, this was what you could expect from a bunch of Renoise hooligans :lol:

Actually I like it sounds like what it is, different styles and artists mixed together :P

This line of text is justified by yet another smiley :panic:



so,now what? we need someone to organize this…MAKE A NEW TOPIC!!!