Collapse sections in Pattern Sequencer

It would be great to have the option to collapse down sections in the pattern sequencer, with only the patterns in the current section showing. Similar to how in the pattern editor you can hide every track but the currently selected one.

This would make it a lot easier to keep track of sections and patterns in expansive modules. Attached a mockup below.



i knew i was missing something!
Great idea!

That would be so amazing.

(My actual dream is recursive patterns, where every note can be its own pattern. But that’s a very different model than we have now)

That’s very interesting as well.
Can you please explain your idea, because to me it seems right now that phrases might do?

Yep phrases are kinda long those lines.

I think of the notes as musical events. And what if those musical events could be implemented with as much detail as an entire renoise song?

The closest I’ve seen is this idea in audio, using Reaper sub-projects. Reaper lets you create =START and =END markers in a project, and then render it to a proxy file. You can drop this proxy file into any other project, and it’s the rendered wav. Double-click it, and it opens the original project file. Make changes there, re-render to proxy, and the parent project picks up the changes.

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never knew that feature in reaper. Thanks for explaining. Yeah actually that sounds impressive