Collapse Single Track

Hey guys. I love how collapsed group tracks get minimized in the pattern matrix. Wouldn’t it be cool to have the same feature on individual tracks as well? Like you hit the collapse button on any track and they shrink in the pattern matrix, group track or not. Would help a lot organizing things & avoiding clutter in the pattern matrix imo.

Sure, group tracks help but each group track also means an empty column in the pattern matrix, adding to the clutter. If “minimizing” worked on a track basis, you would also be able to prevent this.

Just a thought.

Frankly, the groups are to organize tracks. The only solution i could think of here is simply stuff every single track into its own group if you don’t want to categorize it into a clutched group of single tracks.

Yeah but when you do that, you get an extra blank column in the pattern matrix and that doesn’t really help. So being able to minimize individual tracks as well would be a nice addition for organization imo. Or at least be able to minimize group tracks themselves as well (not only their contents)? I’m talking about the blocks I’ve marked with red.