Collapseable Track Groups

Many other daws offer some functionality similar to this. Best example I can think of is Ableton Live. FL Studio supports channel groups.

Basically it’d be nice if I could collapse all my percussion tracks when I want to work on the melody or vice versa. It would be a way to help manage the “horizontal clutter” inherent with a program like renoise. Would save a lot of horizontal scrolling. As far as I imagine, this is a purely cosmetic concept, although it might be cool to have features like solo/mute group. It would be part of the pattern editor, the pattern sequencer, and mixer view.

Track DSPs already have a collapse function, why not extend this idea to tracks and add the ability to group them? :D

Finally registered my copy of Renoise about a month ago. For something that runs on linux, I have to say I’m never looking back. Cheers.

+11 :dribble: :drummer:

Nice minimalist feature request which would solve some real workflow issues.

This has been suggested a few times but I give my +1 every-time !
This would be a great feature for me!!




Oh yes, this would improve the workflow VERY much.

I’ve always supported this idea in the past, very useful. (And frankly, I can’t help but wondering why this feature isn’t there already… I mean: the [+] and [-] signs can already “hide” columns in tracks, and the DSP fx can be visually collapsed as well – so why can’t the tracks/channels themselves be “hidden” or collapsed?)


Yay! I participated in some designs in this here topic: Track Grouping