Collapsed Tracks: Can't Enter/delete Notes

when i donig the collapse track i dont any more delete note in this track. its bug or note? because its not userfull

That’s intended, because you don’t see what exactly you delete.

no, i see and i want this funktion. thnx.

its very userful when i doing arange

Perhaps we misunderstood what you exactly desire (it happened in the past) so i don’t assume anything to hard this time…
I think this topic fits more in the Beta 2.8 suggestions.

The collapse track function has been designed with the idea that the collapse is done for the fact that the user is not working with that track. Imho, in this case where changes are not intended thus not applied is no more than logic.

What do you expect to be erased and why?

Have you tried working with the opposite function Single track view? (Most left button):

It keeps the current track the cursor is in, open and collapses the rest.
When the cursor goes to another track, the other track unfolds and the previous visited folds.

Agreed. I think this is a great improvement for workflow.

i just want fast delete one element (chord).

where do you think it could happen faster?

2847 1st.png

2848 2st.png

Try Alt-del then, this does what you want :)
(Shortcut: Preferences → Keys → Pattern Editor → Insert/Delete → Clear Whole Row)

Ok thnx.But I guess, it’s easier to push “delete” button :D in the collapse track

Well I know it’s not. No guessing here.

Collapse track. Delete row. Expand track again.

Or just delete row with one press?

Which is easier?

yep, just delete row with one press)

For example, when I work with drums. It’s not so important to see in which notes “kick”, “hat” and “snare”. To see only [] enought for me, but when I make fast fixes then do expand - it’s very tiring. I can just delete :) Can you make a function "removal of the notes in the track, when it is in “collapse track”. thnx

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