Collection of mini improvements / time savers

  1. If you are looking for a .fxp preset using the internal browser in Renoise that search field is really nice. Even cooler would be if the search string was remembered on next entering of the popup menu, just like in the vst browser.

  2. All nodes closed start option for VST browser. Or even remembering opened nodes? ( Suggested in the other thread )

  3. Save advanced editor’s choices along with the song or renoise config. IMO quite annoying to setup it ever song load again, even if you are just doing the same stuff all the time

  4. Scope support for long waveform sizes / fast refresh. would be really helpful, for example to inspect transients.

  5. AND clause in searchfields so you don’t have to remember the exact term and structure of the tree.

  6. Extra info field for every vst which can be filled with custom text or tags. That field searchable too. “freeware”, “sidechain”, “demo” whatever

  7. Remember import/export save path of VSTs / VSTis, saving in the tree data “preset path”, so it doesn’t open in the place of the library file per default (like “bla.vst/Contents/Mac/” or something)

  8. Support for percentage values in dB fields. So if you enter “130%” in the value field of the Gain slider, it would convert it to audible dB (200% 6dB etc). Same for every device containing a gain parameter.

Please continue…

  1. Midi mappable open external editor windows for vst effects

  2. Pinnable vst external editor windows for vst effects, and Renoise would remember the state on projet reopen.

11.Create preset for calling back pinned external editor windows of vst effects.

12.Adding vst effects by dropping them on Pattern editor tracks or Scopes should add vst at the end of the track.

  1. Display numeric dB values next to the meters on tracks

14.Add RMS values for tracks metering

15.Add LUFS values for tracks metering

16.Add K-weighted scales optionnal for track metering