Colored Dsp's

e.g you have several LFO’s on several Filters etc.

So for me its a hard issue somtimes, to figure out which LFO is moving which filter, and i have to look twice.

Sometimes i change a LFO to a wrong Filter cause i didnt checked correctly.

It would be nice if you see which metadevice is corresponding to which effect, if you could color them or even better: Autocoloring (like the track-colors)

or another possibilty: to group em

No but seriously. Maybe the future doofer device (grouping) would take care of this problem (?).

It’s hard to discern sometimes, but the best way to visualize this stuff is in the mixer. If you click on a meta device you can always see the controlled devices in a colored dotted line. I would like to have the reverse visible too, like, maybe have the ‘controlled-by’ line of devices visualized with dashed lines of decreasing lightness/intensity?

Somebody in the past proposed coloered line links in the mixer to make the links more visually prominent . That didn’t looked bad actually.

I think this is a really good idea. I like to color everything. It would make knowing where I am a lot easier at a glance. Espcially when things become more complicated in a song.