Colors On Pattern List

I don t know if that has been asked before.

i would like to make groups of patterns with colors… will be good for arangements of the track (it s maintly for techno with long parts and slow evolution not to get lost and see if the size of phases)


I have asked for more colour options MANY times.

colours on the pattern arranger, colour coding for track etc…

I challenge anyone not to get lost in a song with other 50 tracks in.

The artistic process for many of us is a messy affair. That is cool. Anal cleaning up of the worksurface is not high on the list of priorities when you are in the zone (and nor should it be!).

Anything to make it easier to see what is going on in an EASY fashion (even 2 year old kids understand different colours) would be great!

So you get a great big



As long as you had finite control of what the colours actually are. For me, they really only need to be subtle. Perhaps track folding/unfolding would help people who use 50 tracks. (I don’t think I’ve ever gone beyond 12) …

I find myself wanting this. I end up with a lot of tracks because i tend to expand kits or cut up drums over quite a few to get a bit more control over eq etc. once ive programmed everything. Colour codeing would be a nice way to tie them together.

i saw that you can color things in quite all the other music softwares (i like the ableton live way to color parts)