Colour the mix view FX

I would seriously love to be able to differentiate the FX in mixer view with colours. The amount of time I’ve searched for a plugin I know is in the track somewhere!!

Also, while on the subject: searching for an effect eg. Search track for compressor' would be useful, so we can find all compressors one after the other (Likefind’ in Word)

A big +1 for the ability to search/filter mixer devices by matching name.

Colorize, nahhh… not so keen on this. Would you ever actually use this if you could search?


I still think its useful, or even to have an alternate colour instaed of the default - to make some stand out.

Actually I have loads of new ideas for renoise, as I’m using it 24/7 !

You should go to the ARA meetings. Anonymous Renoise Addicts. It’s an online thing where you anonymously hide behind silly nick names and avatars to make you look cool, then you talk to other people about Renoise, mostly about feature requests, different ways to say that Renoise is not a real DAW and cat pictures, to get your mind off the awful habit of tracking for a while.