Charly had the brilliant idea of making different colours for both samples and instruments, instead of just differences between vst’s en instruments/samples. what say ye

“brilliant” :P

But if you use a lot of samples. You’ll have a better overview. It’s not much work I think.

i think thats a great idea,it will certainly help keeping track on things :D

Are there more people who would appreciate this?

What makes a sample an instrument? That it has active envelopes or that its more than one sample per instrument slot?

And why exactly would that be helpful?

I’m much more for coloured tracks / groups of tracks as this gives quick overview of what’s what.

I’d say a sample is an instrument, aslong as there is atleast one envelope or atleast a second sample. Vice versa there’s no possibility to save “as” a sample with envelopes, no?

However, it would be a nice little addition for the overview concerning which instrument (or sample :P ) has an envelope applied and which doesn’t. But please, not more colors! I’d rather see a little icon infront or behind the instrumentname. Maybe like the envelope-icon above each track?

that it has envelopes or/and more samples a slot.

This is exactly what I mean and even a better idea of the icon!!!


edit: and a shortcut for renaming (tracks)